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Grief Yoga

Grief Yoga is a gentle practice that can be done in your home either in a chair or on a mat, whichever is most comfortable for you. No experience is necessary. In each session, I guide you through a transformative journey within the four cycles: awareness, expression, connection, and surrender. 

By blending different branches of yoga with movement, breath, stillness, and sound, you will deepen your connection to your body. 

The intention is to focus on the breath to establish inner awareness, which, in time, cultivates a natural openness to lean into whatever comes up for you in each moment. By surrendering to your emotions, you can begin to channel the pain and struggles of everyday life in more empowering ways. The different techniques of grief yoga can move the feelings through you and lead to a release of what no longer serves you. 


This offering brings reconnection to your heart and much-needed lightness to take another step forward in your grief journey. Together, we will move towards more peace, more harmony, and more love.


​Anyone who is experiencing a loss of any kind. Grief yoga helps participants process grief by using their pain as fuel for transformative healing. This practice is not about physical flexibility or strength but rather more about emotional liberation. 



​60-minute online class

A sacred container is established to invite the student through a guided transformative journey within the compassionate cycles of grief yoga. 

We begin by connecting to our breath and cultivating awareness of the present moment and the places where the student holds struggle or pain in the body and mind. Our sacred container offers a place to express any struggles through a combination of movement, breath, and sound, flowing into moving meditations to open the heart, laughter exercises to tap into joy, and dance prayers that connect to the soul. Finally, students surrender, letting go of the pain and reconnecting to love and the gift of life.



  • Grief Yoga offers a safe and sacred space for individuals to discover where they may be holding pain in their bodies and creates awareness to help move the pain through.

  • You will find yourself invited to express this pain in more empowering ways, to channel and release what no longer serves you—to NOT get stuck in the pain. 

  • Moving through the pain to remember more love.

​Releasing your emotions can have several benefits, including heightened awareness, increased empowerment, and a feeling of control. You may also find comfort in connecting with a community of individuals who can support and empathize with you. Keeping your grief to yourself can lead to feelings of isolation and loneliness, so sharing and seeking support when needed is important.


As a certified grief yoga teacher, I offer an invitational journey tailored to each student's needs and abilities. I believe in meeting my students where they are and encouraging them to listen to their bodies and do what feels right at each moment. You can release the weight of grief through movement, breath, and sound and surrender to the healing process. I offer variations to ensure that each student can participate comfortably. Witnessing is crucial to the healing process, and I empower my students to be their authentic selves as they move through their grief and journey toward gratitude.

Who can benefit from Grief Yoga:

What's Included:

What Results Can You Expect:

 What makes Grief Yoga unique?

The price for a class is on a sliding scale ranging from $10 to $15
(This is an introductory offer)

Registration for Class

Classes available: Monday 8 am, Wednesday 7 pm & Friday 12 pm

Join us online in the comfort of your own home.

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