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Moving Through

Grief  into   Gratitude

Have you had a loss and are grieving? 

Are you in pain and struggling?

Do you feel lost, isolated, or alone?

Looking for a community that is welcoming and supportive?

Discovering a sense of purpose in life allows you to shift from mourning to being thankful.

You will eventually find the light in the darkness, and though the sorrow may never completely vanish, you learn to accept it as a part of yourself and adapt to living with your grief.

My Story

A smiling person

I believe that loss takes many forms, including death and divorce, as well as losses of identity, safety, autonomy, dreams, or expectations. 

With over eleven years of experience working in funeral homes as a licensed pre-planner and aftercare specialist, I have borne witness to our society’s preference that we grieve quietly, quickly, or not at all. My intention is to shift this paradigm, normalize grief, and provide holistic guidance for individuals to grieve openly. No one should be made to feel that their grieving process must be rushed or hidden behind closed doors, nor should anyone remain isolated and alone during this time.

Honoring the space between, I provide supportive tools to help people navigate the challenging periods before, during and after a death or loss occurs. 

Jo Anne Kittell



Baby's breath laying on arm with extended hand

Holistic Grief


Space Between is a safe space to explore different healing modalities as you navigate life before, during, and after loss. This is your sacred pause to rediscover your purpose while being heard, witnessed, and validated in an understanding community. You will receive tools that empower you to be your authentic self while moving through grief and into gratitude at your own pace.  

Sacred Women's Group

Sisterhood in Loss

Women holding hands in a circle

Step into a free online women's group, surrounded by a sisterhood of women who are on a similar path. 

Women supporting women is a powerful safe haven for you to be your authentic self. It is a space to listen, witness, speak if you choose, and surrender so that you can begin to heal in your own beautiful way.


"My mother passed 2 years after my father did and unlike my experience with my father's passing where I was alone and everything was overwhelming, I was lucky enough to have Jo Anne guide me through the process. 

Jo Anne was kind, patient and gentle every step of the way. She explained everything and gave me options, which is very rare. 

Jo Anne understands that exiting this life is a sacred occasion and that respect is necessary for the family. She made sure everything went smoothly before and months after when the grief kicked in. 

I'll be forever grateful for her wisdom and caring kindness.

Thank you Jo Anne."

~ Diana Mikas

"When I was grieving the loss of my relationship with my mom, I didn’t know what to do. I found myself feeling alone and confused due to the estrangement because the situation didn’t feel as straightforward as other types of grief. As a result, guilt and shame were pulling me down a dark hole.


Jo Anne was able to offer support by validating my experiences, listening without judgment, and sharing encouraging words. Her support left me feeling seen and comforted. Her presence had a positive impact on me and my ability to move through my feelings of grief with love and ease."

~ Jaye

“I wanted to express my appreciation for the most positive way you conducted this planning. Your professionalism, kindness and knowledge made it not only stress free, but actually enjoyable”

~ Anonymous

"Jo Anne is someone that has a true passion for what she does. Her zest for life, uplifting spirit, and dedication to the field of funeral services and grief support has been such a gift.  I have had many beautiful experiences working alongside her in the funeral industry where many families were going through various stages of grief; and observing her caring, compassion, and patience has been inspirational.  

She helped preplan my father’s funeral arrangements and she made the experience go so smoothly.  I was very impressed with her knowledge of different options and overall knowledge in the industry.  I felt she truly wanted to provide the best care for my father. Her professionalism and patience during the whole process was greatly appreciated. I would recommend her to all my friends and families.  I am truly grateful for her care and genuine interest in helping me and my family." 

~ Caroline Spence


Let's Work Together

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Thank you!
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