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Holistic Grief


Holistic Grief Guidance

With my “Holistic Healing for Loss” approach, I create intuitive, individually tailored and powerful healing programs that meet you where you are in each moment, without judgement. I offer a sacred space to share your story, laying the foundation for you to walk through your grief journey with greater ease.


I am passionate about supporting your growth while bringing together the right tools and modalities to serve your unique needs. Grief has no timeline. Together, let us plant the seeds of hope so you can move


into  Gratitude. 

  • I offer a holistic suite of modalities, including grief yoga, dance, reiki, pranic healing, massage, licensed funeral planning, and estate settlement - Helping you through the period before, during, and after death or loss.

  • My diverse personal and professional experience allows me to hold space for you to grieve in your own unique way.

  • I am here to remind you there is no right or wrong way to grieve. We all process loss in different ways.

  • I understand that grief takes many forms and is always changing. It may show up immediately, or weeks and months after a loss occurs. There is no “right” timeline. We all process our emotions when we are ready. You are allowed time and space to move forward at your own pace.

  • I will guide you to make empowered choices for yourself. This is your grief journey, so you will decide what to do and when.

  • I encourage you, through various practices, to feel and express your emotions, making way for healing.

  • Validation—not time—is one of the greatest healers. Grief needs to be heard and seen. I will listen, witness, validate, and never minimize the reality of your pain.

  • I will support you to rediscover a sense of purpose, finding meaning and motivation to move through your grief and into gratitude.



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Reiki Treatment


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Grief Yoga

Grief yoga is a compassionate practice that combines the breath, movement, stillness, and sound to deepen your connection to your body, gently inviting you to feel the emotions that may bubble to the surface. 


Dance is a social and integrative practice that connects people. It is known to be one of the first forms of human communication. This form of dance provides a chance to gather in a sacred space for loss—to receive support within a safe community.

Exciting news! In-person retreats and workshops coming soon.
Stay tuned for updates.

Healing Practitioner

Each healing practice naturally flows as I connect with the person in front of me and their needs in the present moment. Reiki, Pranic Healing and Indian Head Massage support my clients in their journey.

Do not hesitate to contact me for further details.

Sacred Women's Group

Sisterhood in Loss

Step into a free online women's group, surrounded by a sisterhood of women who are on a similar path. 


Women supporting women is a powerful safe haven for you to be your authentic self. It is a space to listen, witness, speak if you choose, and surrender so that you can begin to heal in your own beautiful way.


It is okay to be loud or messy, to scream, cry and say what you truly feel. This is a community that meets you where you are at in each moment. We do not judge, as this is YOUR outlet where you are free to feel exactly how and what you need to feel. Society does not encourage public acts of grief. By creating this sacred space for loss, we give our emotions space - to move through our bodies when we are ready. 


I offer free gatherings for loss of any form. When grieving, our bodies do not distinguish one loss from another. It may be the death of a loved one, a divorce, or another form of loss. We are all experiencing grief. Let’s meet in the space between, pause… and together learn to live again. 

Let's Work Together

The first step is to connect.

Thank you!
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