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Moving into

Moving into Gratitude
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Grief is an act of love.


“Gratitude” may be a word you will never think of or speak.


Taking even one step forward may seem impossible.


It's important to understand that everyone's experience with grief is unique and personal, much like our individual fingerprints. Dealing with a loss can be a very challenging and painful experience. However, it is possible to move forward intentionally and purposefully with time.


The grief journey begins when we experience a loss of any kind. Then comes an opportunity to pause, with the pain, in the space between. And, once in a while, we see a glimmer of hope. The space between can be felt as both moments of sorrow and moments of happiness. 


As time passes, you might gradually transition from pain to experiencing the love and happiness you once believed you had lost. 


Discovering a sense of purpose in life allows each of us to shift from mourning to gratitude.


You will eventually find the light in the darkness. Though the sorrow may never completely vanish, you will learn to accept it as a part of yourself and adapt to living with your grief. 



  • Take a moment to honour where you currently are and pause.

  • Slowly regain your trust in the natural flow of life.

  • It is important to recognize that gratitude cannot be forced or timed; it will come naturally when it is ready.

  • Acknowledging and embracing happiness and gratitude does not diminish the significance of our sorrow.

  • Find a renewed sense of purpose and motivation as you navigate through your grief. 


I am here to provide you with essential resources to determine confidently when to move forward or pause. You are the driver. I am only the passenger, witnessing and supporting you however you choose. 


When you discover a purpose that is greater than yourself, an outpouring of gratitude will naturally emanate from within.

Steps Towards Gratitude

The first step is to connect.

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