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Do you find yourself struggling, feeling exhausted and stressed out?

Do you feel lost, isolated and alone?

Are you seeking a supportive community that truly understands you? 

Grief Yoga

Grief Yoga is a gentle practice you can do either in a chair or on a mat, whichever is most comfortable for you.


No experience is necessary. This practice focuses on emotional liberation rather than physical flexibility or strength.


Online sessions allow you to receive support right in the comfort of your home. For added privacy, and unlike many online classes, I recommend that you turn off your camera.


​In each Grief Yoga session, I blend different branches of  Yoga - Movement - Breath - Sound

  • Grief Yoga offers a safe space to discover where you may be holding pain in your body and creates awareness to help move the pain through.

  • You will find yourself invited to express this pain in more empowering ways and release what no longer serves you—NOT get stuck in the pain. ​​

  • Releasing your emotions through the cycles of grief yoga can provide many benefits, such as:


I encourage my students to be their true selves as they begin their journey of self-care.

What to Expect

  • ​​Heightened awareness

  • Increased empowerment

  • A feeling of control

  • Connection with community

  • Sense of comfort, validation, and support

  • Greater ease and satisfaction at work and home

 to help you deepen your connection to your body.

The focus is on the breath, establishing awareness, expressing emotion, and beginning to channel the struggles of everyday life in more empowering ways.

​The varied techniques of Grief Yoga can move your feelings through you, leading to a pivotal release of whatever is weighing you down.

The price for a class is on a sliding scale ranging from $10 to $15
(This is an introductory offer)


I am Jo Anne Kittell

A smiling person

Over 11 years of working in funeral homes, I have seen my colleagues struggle — and have struggled myself. I understand the importance of providing safe spaces for expression and release for those in our profession.


I intend to shine a light on our industry's difficulties and offer a movement practice to help release emotions that have gotten stuck in OUR bodies. Talk therapy is helpful, but I have learned that we also need to address the pain we carry deep within our bodies.  


Many of us have felt alone, misunderstood, and isolated. I wish to create a safe space for you to express your challenges and feel heard, seen and supported.


I am honoured to offer this transformative movement class to assist in your self-care. 


Jennifer, Canada

"Jo Anne's classes are like a warm hug. She creates such a safe, comfortable space where I feel like I can just be myself, and let anything that's here rise to the surface. I love her sequences because they flow in way that help me move and release my emotions. I always feel refreshed after, and quite relieved! It's a lot to hold onto all of that, and I really appreciate how light I feel after". 

Robin, United States

"Jo Anne instantly created a sense of safety, compassion, and confidence.  She explained the process and progression of the class, and invited me to let her know if/when I needed to rest or just pause for a moment.  Her voice was calm & soothing, yet confident.  She led me on a journey through Awareness of where I hold grief in my body, to  Release some of that grief by using movement, breath & sound.  She was very open to my need to pause occasionally, and her nurturing way of being was very comforting for me."


Danielle, Nicaragua

Hiram, Nicaragua

"I really had a great experience with Jo Anne and her style of connecting authentically with the body. It helped me so deeply to express my feelings of grief of a loved one I lost. I went through all phases – from the beautiful beginning to the painful end and surrendered fully. 

Then I stood up and was free again to connect with new people." 

Bobbie, Canada

"Jo Anne's grief yoga classes are absolutely amazing. I often have a difficult time feeling safe in my body during guided practices.
Jo Anne's yoga is so trauma- informed, invitational, held, and supportive. She really invites you into a gentle exploration of your mind, body, heart, and soul on the mat. With simple movements that can work with anyone's body & a series of perfectly curated exercises to help you explore your feelings, release stuck emotions, cultivate compassion & play, and regulate your nervous system, it really is the best gift you could ever offer yourself. After doing yoga for over a decade, I can easily say that Jo Anne's classes are some of the best I've ever experienced. No matter if you're grieving, moving through trauma & different life challenges, or just wanting to explore your emotions & body in a deeper way, you won't be disappointed!" 

Ash, Costa Rica

"The workshop was led by a skilled and compassionate instructor who created a safe and supportive space for exploration and growth. Through a variety of exercises and movement explorations, we were able to delve into the deeper layers of our beings and connect with others on a profound level". 

Kindly fill out the registration form, and I will get in touch with you within 24 hours to schedule a date that works best for you.

Registration for Class

Join us online in the comfort of your own home.
Wednesday's @ 7 pm

More Sessions Coming Soon!
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