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2023 - Grief Yoga Teacher Training RYT 100

Grief Yoga®

2022 - Contact Beyond Contact Facilitator Training

Levels 1 to 4 

Unity Space   


2022 - The Tantra Ways Serie


2022 - Greif Educator Certificate with David Kessler

Grief Training Program 


2022 - Indian Head Massage Course

San Marcos Holistic Cottage

2021 to 2022 - Reiki Level 1 & 2 Certifications   

Sacred Vibrations


2021 - Pranic Healing Level 1 Certification      

Ontario Centre for Pranic Healing

2021 - Classical Yoga Training RYT 200

Yoga Therapy Toronto

2020 to 2021 - Tantra Level 1 & 2 Certifications

Tantra Workshops


2015 - Honours Funeral Pre-Planner Certificate 

Humber College

Faculty of Health Sciences & Wellness

2015 - GFD Mentorship Program          

Guaranteed Funeral Deposits of Canada

1986 - General Arts                     

OCAD University 



I am Jo Anne, the founder of Space Between.

Funeral service found me. If you had told me in my twenties that I would work with families to plan their funeral or assist in settling their affairs, I probably would have said, “you are crazy!” My focus at that time was pursuing a career in the arts. For many years I sold my contemporary art jewellery in galleries across Canada while I raised my two children. 

Many personal losses throughout my life have shaped me into the person I am today and provided me with a deeper understanding of grief. I never felt like my grief was properly heard; I was encouraged to hide my pain and move on. Until I began my studies in funeral service, I never gave my grief the respect it deserved. It was the privilege of serving so many families over the last eleven years that jumpstarted my own grief journey. Through my work, I learned from each family I sat with, began to heal, and rediscovered my purpose.

I recently navigated the loss of all three of my parents over the course of just one year, becoming my mother’s primary caregiver for the five months preceding her passing. Through it all I continued to train as a yoga teacher, became a reiki practitioner and discovered the healing potential of dance. These diverse modalities have supported me to hold sacred space for people to grieve in their own unique way, while finding a sense of gratitude in the process. 


In 2018, my greatest loss occurred: my marriage. During this difficult time I found that yoga offered me a release I never expected. I decided to complete my yoga teacher training so I could further support the families I served. This led me to other healing modalities and certifications, allowing me to create my “Holistic Healing for Loss” philosophy.

I am passionate about my work and spend much of my time sitting with loss and grief.

I love to offer families the opportunity to share and be witnessed by a compassionate listener. 

Holistic Healing for Loss 

In creating a sacred space for loss that normalizes grief, I offer options that complement other forms of healing such as traditional therapy.


While my therapist has been a huge support through my personal losses, an ongoing journey through diverse holistic practices has taken my growth even further. I have chosen to bridge the gap between traditional and alternative modalities and apply my skills in a more holistic approach, working with the mind, body, heart and spirit. 

Drawing on a rich array of tools and healing modalities, I will devise a program that is most suited to your needs, adjusting as we go. Grief can take many forms and is always changing. I am here to sit by your side, witness you, listen to you, and guide you through your personal journey of loss and healing.

Women on the beach during sunset in Greece
Picture of Jo Anne Kittell

My Story

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