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Have you had a loss and are grieving? 


Are you in pain and struggling?

Do you feel lost, isolated, or alone?

Looking for a community that is welcoming and supportive?

Embrace the healing journey with Grief Yoga and find comfort within our compassionate Support Group. 

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Grief Yoga

Grief Yoga is a gentle, transformative class.  Students become aware of where they hold struggle or pain in the body and mind. This safe and compassionate environment facilitates the expression and release of these struggles. No experience is necessary. This practice focuses on emotional liberation rather than physical flexibility or strength.

Weekly Classes:

Tuesday @ 10 am

Thursday @ 7 pm

Image by Helena Lopes

Support Group

This is a community that meets you where you are at each moment. We do not judge, as this is YOUR outlet where you are free to feel exactly how and what you need to feel.  

It's not about "moving on" or "getting over it"; it's about honouring your emotions.

Let's meet in the Space Between, where grief meets grace, and together, let's rediscover the beauty of living with open hearts and resilient spirits.

Weekly Session:

Wednesday @ 3 pm

Jennifer, Canada

"Jo Anne's classes are like a warm hug. She creates such a safe, comfortable space where I feel like I can just be myself, and let anything that's here rise to the surface. I love her sequences because they flow in way that help me move and release my emotions. I always feel refreshed after, and quite relieved! It's a lot to hold onto all of that, and I really appreciate how light I feel after". 

Hiram, Nicaragua

"I really had a great experience with

Jo Anne and her style of connecting authentically with the body. It helped me so deeply to express my feelings of grief of a loved one I lost. I went through all phases – from the beautiful beginning to the painful end and surrendered fully. Then I stood up and was free again to connect with new people." 

Client Love

Danielle, Nicaragua

Caroline, Canada

"Jo Anne is someone that has a true passion for what she does. Her zest for life, uplifting spirit, and dedication to the field of grief support has been such a gift. I felt she truly wanted to provide the best care for my father. I am truly grateful for her care and genuine interest in helping me and my family." 

Diana, Canada

"My mother passed 2 years after my father did and unlike my experience with my father's passing where I was alone and everything was overwhelming, I was lucky enough to have Jo Anne guide me through the process. 

Jo Anne was kind, patient and gentle every step of the way. ​I'll be forever grateful for her wisdom and caring kindness."

Jaye, United States

"Jo Anne was able to offer support by validating my experiences, listening without judgment, and sharing encouraging words. Her support left me feeling seen and comforted.

Her presence had a positive impact on me and my ability to move through my feelings of grief with love and ease."


Jo Anne Kittell 

A smiling person

With over eleven years of experience working in funeral homes as a licensed pre-planner and aftercare specialist, I have borne witness to our society’s preference that we grieve quietly, quickly, or not at all. My intention is to shift this paradigm, normalize grief, and provide holistic guidance for individuals to grieve openly. No one should be made to feel that their grieving process must be rushed or hidden behind closed doors, nor should anyone remain isolated and alone during this time.

Honoring the space between, I provide supportive tools to help people navigate the challenging periods before, during and after a death or loss occurs. 


I offer an invitational class as a certified grief yoga teacher and experienced movement facilitator. My approach focuses on meeting students where they are and encouraging them to tune into their bodies. Together, we release the burdens of grief through movement, breath, and sound, embracing a transformative journey. 

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