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Planning for a            Death

Planning for a Death

for a loved one or yourself

Why Preplan:

FACT: It is inevitable that we will all die. 


Planning ahead grants you the freedom to explore all available options and make informed decisions to get the best value for your money. When you pass away, your family and friends may be in shock, unaware of your wishes, or unable to fund them.


You may not have any living relatives, or they might live quite far away. Planning a funeral can be daunting, especially when family members have varying opinions about funeral arrangements, potentially causing disputes and delays.


By creating a concise plan now, you alleviate this burden and provide yourself and your loved ones with peace of mind. Remember, you are in control if you preplan, from choosing between cremation or burial to deciding if you prefer a traditional funeral service or a celebration of life.


I have been a licensed funeral pre-planner for eleven years and am passionate about my work. I always encourage people to ask questions so that they can fully understand their options. My approach is patient and respectful, as I recognize that these discussions can be profoundly personal and emotional.

There are many misconceptions about funerals and end-of-life celebrations. It is important to understand that there is no right or wrong way to plan one’s funeral arrangements. While there are specific government regulations for the funeral industry, it is mainly up to the individual or family to determine how they want to proceed after a death.

Planning a funeral can be both costly and overwhelming. I am here to offer my expertise and experience in guiding you toward making well-informed decisions. Let us take the necessary time to explore your options together.


Ready to take the first step? 

Schedule a complementary 30-minute chat with me. 


We will engage in an open and honest conversation about an industry the public knows so little about, where you will receive insights to help you explore the best choices for you and your family—a step-by-step explanation of what is required when making end-of-life decisions. 

Take your time and be guided by a non-commissioned, independent planner. 

Afterward, you will receive a personalized file that includes your plan and all the necessary documentation for registering a death when the time comes. My purpose is to assist you in making informed decisions regarding end-of-life planning so that you can feel confident about your choices.

Cost: Sliding scale of $ 59 to 79/hour.

When We Work Together

AfterCare Specialist

Fact: When someone passes away, someone must handle their affairs. This process can be time-consuming and intimidating, even for a relatively straightforward estate.

If you need guidance after the passing of a loved one or need to update your affairs, I can provide support based on my 11 years of experience as an Aftercare Specialist.


I have spent many hours researching and asking questions on behalf of families going through this process so I can suggest appropriate courses of action over the year(s) following a death. Thanks to families who have shared their experiences with me, I can now draw on a wealth of knowledge to ease the burden of settling your loved one’s affairs or updating your own. 


If you require the services of a lawyer for drafting a will or any other professional assistance, I can provide recommendations for seeking further help in these areas.

I deeply value the opportunity to assist families after a death has occurred. Seeing a familiar face can be so comforting, and many people appreciate knowing that I am there to further support them at such a difficult time.


If you are in need of estate guidance, let’s connect over a free 30-minute discovery chat. 

I am here for you.

I have created a task list that we go over step-by-step to identify which tasks are relevant to your loved one. I can assist you in completing the paperwork for the Canada Pension Plan and the one-time Death Benefit provided that the deceased person is eligible.

With my organized and easy-to-follow task list, you can complete everything at your own pace. I guide families as to which tasks should be prioritized, and the rest can happen when they feel ready. 


Cost: Sliding scale of $59 to 79/hour.

Let's Work Together

The first step is to connect.

Let's Work Together

Thank you!
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