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Let's Work              Together

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Holistic Grief Guide

Space Between is a safe space to explore different healing modalities as you navigate life before, during and after loss. This is your sacred pause to rediscover your purpose, while being heard, witnessed, and validated in an understanding community. You will receive tools that empower you to be your authentic self while moving through grief and into gratitude at your own pace.  

Planning for a  Death

Space Between serves those who are seeking information and guidance in planning for a death, whether it is just a few months away, or well into the future. You may have many questions worth exploring with an honest and knowledgeable funeral pre-planner who has a holistic understanding of grief. 

Consultation for funeral services
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Moving into Gratitude

Space Between offers an open, honest, and supportive community for you to be yourself while honouring the space between grief and gratitude. I wish to normalize grief, creating opportunities to grieve out loud by providing you with tools to navigate life’s losses, all while finding meaning and regaining a sense of purpose to move forward.

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